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WB BO - Papaya, Sweet Pepper & Muskmelon Plot Visit by KYI Management at Begusarai, West Bengal
WB BO - Sweet Pepper Ayesha & Muskmelon Sanvi Plot Visit by KYI Management at Purnia, West Bengal
WB BO - Tomato Precious Plot Visit by KYI Management at Haldibari, West Bengal
Known-You Seed’s Watermelon Gives Big Returns to Maharashtra Farmers.
MH BO Arranged Watermelon Girish Demo at Islampur
KA BO Arranged Watermelon & Muskmelon's Promotional Activity at More Mall, Bangalore.
Trials Evaluation Day at KYI-Pune RS Farm
MP BO Arranged Farmers Meeting on Watermelon, Melon & other products at Bhopal.
MH BO had organized farmer meeting on Watermelon Girish, Melon Mridula and other products at Newasa.
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