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WB BO Arranged Cauliflower Crop Demo Activity in Guwahati Area
GJ BO Introducing Muskmelon Variety Mridula in to Ahmedabad Fruit Market
ND BO Arranged a Crop Show and Dealer Meeting for Cauliflower Ragini at Sikar Area, Rajasthan.
TN BO Successfully Arranged Crop Guard, Viro Guard & Pratik Open Day Activity at Munnur Village.
ND BO Arranged Crop Guard Project at Himachal Area
MP BO Successfully Arranged Crop Guard Open Day Activity at Indore
MP BO Successfully Arranged Sweet Corn Madhur Open Day Activity at Indore
TN BO Successfully Arranged Viroguard Open Day in Papaya Seed Red Lady Plot at Salem
Professional/Agriculture Material/Silver Mulching Film
Silver Mulch Red - 1
Specification of one Mulching Roll: Width - 1.20 m, Length - 400 m,

Plastic mulches has been used by farmers widely, most of vegetables can be successfully grown using plastic mulches and help to increase yield,earliness and good quality fruits. Silver side of mulching film reflects the light so helps to distract sucking pests at initial stage of crop life besides it is UV-stabilised so can stand in sub-tropical climate of India. There are several other advantages as (1)Earlier Harvest : The greatest benefit from plastic mulch is that the soil temperature in the planting bed is raised, promoting faster crop development and earlier harvest.(2)Reduces Evaporation :Soil water loss is reduced under plastic mulch. As a result, more uniform soil moisture is maintained and irrigation frequency can be reduced more .(3)Fewer Weed Problems :Silver mulches will reduce light penetration to the soil. Weeds cannot generally survive under such after applying mulch.(4)Reduces Fertilizer Leaching :Excess water runs off the impervious mulch.Fertilizer beneath the mulch is not lost by leaching,so that fertilizers are optimally used and not wasted. (5)Cleaner Vegetable Produce :The edible product from a mulched crop is cleaner and less subject to rot,since no soil is splashed onto the plants or fruit (6)Increases Growth :Mulch film is nearly impervious to carbon dioxide, which is necessary for photosynthesis.

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