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WB BO Arranged Cauliflower Crop Demo Activity in Guwahati Area
GJ BO Introducing Muskmelon Variety Mridula in to Ahmedabad Fruit Market
ND BO Arranged a Crop Show and Dealer Meeting for Cauliflower Ragini at Sikar Area, Rajasthan.
TN BO Successfully Arranged Crop Guard, Viro Guard & Pratik Open Day Activity at Munnur Village.
ND BO Arranged Crop Guard Project at Himachal Area
MP BO Successfully Arranged Crop Guard Open Day Activity at Indore
MP BO Successfully Arranged Sweet Corn Madhur Open Day Activity at Indore
TN BO Successfully Arranged Viroguard Open Day in Papaya Seed Red Lady Plot at Salem
Professional/Gourd/Watermelon/Red Flesh
Product NO. : IA326
Note: “Recommended to grow 10% Male (Pollinator) plants. Hand pollination (early morning 7.00 am to 8.00 am)is necessary, if no proper insect pollination during fruit setting stage.”

It is a red fleshed seedless watermelon variety having round shape. Flesh is deep Red, tender and juicy. Rind is green with black stripes on it. It weighs around 1.8-2kg in weight it is very sweet with sugar content of about 12%. Pseudo seeds (white colored) may occur. Occasionally black seed may occur. Recommended to grow in season when there is less difference in day and night temperatures.

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