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WB BO Arranged Cauliflower Crop Demo Activity in Guwahati Area
GJ BO Introducing Muskmelon Variety Mridula in to Ahmedabad Fruit Market
ND BO Arranged a Crop Show and Dealer Meeting for Cauliflower Ragini at Sikar Area, Rajasthan.
TN BO Successfully Arranged Crop Guard, Viro Guard & Pratik Open Day Activity at Munnur Village.
ND BO Arranged Crop Guard Project at Himachal Area
MP BO Successfully Arranged Crop Guard Open Day Activity at Indore
MP BO Successfully Arranged Sweet Corn Madhur Open Day Activity at Indore
TN BO Successfully Arranged Viroguard Open Day in Papaya Seed Red Lady Plot at Salem
Professional/Brassica/Chinese Cabbage
Product NO. : IA195

The plant is medium large with deep green and curled leaves. It has some tolerance for soft rot and downy mildew. This hybrid is medium early, is about 75 to 85 days from sowing to harvesting. The heads are awl – shaped inverted, compact and firm to be excellent quality. It weighs 1.4 to 1.7 kg. Suitable to be planted from 18 to 25 degrees Celsius in warm weather conditions. It will bolt in cool weather conditions (below 15 degree Celsius), and will not form head in high temperature conditions (above 30 degree Celsius).

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