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Known-You Farmers Welfare Foundation Donated Rs. 12,50,000/- to the Maharashtra CM's Relief Fund for Fight against COVID-19 Pandemic
“Known-You Farmers Welfare Foundation” Donated COVID-19 Protective Equipments and Hand Sanitizers to ‘Local Police Station’ at Chikhali.
“Known-You Farmers Welfare Foundation” Donated COVID-19 protective Equipments and Hand Sanitizers to ‘Gramin Hospital’ at Chikhali.
Planting of Perennial and Healthy trees on both sides of the road at Hingangaon Gram Panchayat and school premises and Fencing Stand for Tree protection as well.
Known-You Farmers Welfare Foundation Donated Rs. 12,50,000/- to the PM's Relief Fund for Battle against COVID-19 Pandemic
Preface Development Organizational Branch

According to recent reports regarding GDP in India, population in agriculture sector occupies about 70% of total population, but the GDP from the Agriculture sector is only 20%. Besides, because of more competitions in international markets, it is challenging for small-scale farmers to compete with large-scale farmers.
Under globalised market and such harsh competitive conditions, it is always good to grab advantage of changing circumstances and new opportunities. Small-scale farmers should tap opportunities and have to play significant roles in agriculture sector by having major contribution to economy.
With mission to help farmers to raise their life standards, Known-You Seed (India) Pvt. Ltd. was set up at Pune, Maharashtra in 1999. Our aim is to guide farmers for cultivation and marketing for our end products based on face-to-face relation with farmer’s field and consumers in markets.
Value addition is crucial factor to increase product value, charm and consumer appeal. It can be achieved by enhancing packaging and exposure of products to domestic markets through every available supply chain outlet. Our varieties have proved their uniqueness and high quality and resulted to fetch maximize gains to growers. Good variety always needs good marketing to make their product special and ranked at highest price, otherwise product will develop just ordinary product and ranked at lowest price in market.
Technical support and farming awareness are key components for wellness of farmers. We intend to build worthful relationship with farmers by providing wide range of services and possibilities through promising varieties, technology transfer and technical assistance. Along with promising and easy-to-grow varieties of Seedless, Yellow Flesh, Ice-Box watermelons, high yielding Papaya, special flavored and juicy melons, we are keen to provide and retrain farmers to adapt new, modern and improved farming practices like pruning, mulching sheet which will help to boost yield and gain maximum income through limited resources and inputs available with marginal farmers.
Our Website is one of our major steps to approach to our numerous customers throughout India; we wish that it will be one of key channels to interact with each other. We will succeed to reach you with our unique products and services and hopefully will receive meaningful suggestions, ideas from our valuable customers.
We are committed to develop goodwill in Indian farming community and have strong willingness to move ahead as per our mission. We believe that farming has potential to grow economies and we are trying our best to bring happiness and peace to villages to make more prosperous in future through our seeds and actions.

Let's grow together!!

Chao Chieh Wang
Vice General Manager
Known-You Seed(India) PVT. LTD.


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